A Specialty Certificate Examination is now a compulsory component of assessment for Certificate of Completion of Training (CCT) for all UK trainees whose specialist training began in or after August 2007, and is voluntary for those who started before this date.

The exam may be completed at any time between ST3 and completion of training.

The college of physicians is running the first endocrinology MRCP on May 20th 2009.

If you want to do this exam, you must apply between 23 March 2009 and 24 April 2009. The fee is £800

The Specialty Certificate Exams (SCEs) follow the MRCP(UK) examination format. They will comprise two 3-hour papers each containing 100 ‘best-of-five’ questions, and will be conducted as computer-based tests (CBT). Each SCE will be held once each year, in several centres throughout the UK and overseas.  Candidates who pass the examination will be awarded a ‘Certificate’ in the specialty concerned. All those with a Specialty Certificate and MRCP(UK) who are recommended to PMETB by the JRCPTB for a CCT will be entitled to apply for the post-nominal ‘MRCP(Specialty)’.

Further information about Specialty Certificate Examinations

JRCPTB Curriculum for Training including MRCP (endo)